IT Project Healthcheck

IT development projects are often complex beasts with many moving parts and with interdependent obligations placed on the parties involved. If these are all not carefully and proactively managed by both parties then the dream win/win scenario of a successful project which is both transformative for the business concerned and enhances the supplier’s reputation in the market place can quickly turn into a nightmare of mutual recrimination and disputes.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this because issues can be pre-empted, the project can be brought back on track and disputes avoided. We have leveraged our extensive experience of acting for both suppliers and customers in this space by developing a simple and efficient way of identifying and assessing project risks, in order to help you devise a strategy to deal with them.


Know where you stand

Whether you are a supplier or a customer involved with a project our IT Project Healthcheck can quickly help you to assess the status of any of your projects and identify any areas which require remedial attention at any point in time.

Knowing how well your project is faring against each of the key elements will allow you to focus your energy and resources where they are needed most, and to develop an appropriate strategy to maximise both the benefit of any remedial action and the prospects of a successful outcome for the project.


Answer a few questions

Get started by answering our online questionnaire which should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. All questions are multiple choice.

If you prefer we can go through the questionnaire with you either on the telephone or in person. If this would be of interest then please contact us at [email protected].


Download an instant report

Immediately after completing the questionnaire, you will be provided with an automatically generated report that will indicate your overall score and a specific score for each of the seven key elements. For each individual score, the basis for your score will be explained and issues for further consideration will be highlighted.


Follow up

Following the completion of the questionnaire, one of our team will contact you to arrange to have an initial brief telephone conversation about the key points to note in the report.

One of the key benefits of the report is that it will identify where the most serious issues lie and so help focus attention on what can make the biggest difference to the outcome of the project.

All projects are different and there is no “one size fits all” solution to the common risks that frequently arise. Therefore whilst we will make recommendations for next steps tailored to your project, we also recognise that every organisation will have a different approach to addressing any risk issues flagged in the report.